what are some healthy spices or sauces for food?


I want to start eating healthy and get a 6-pack so I was wondering what are some seasoning/spices I could use on chicken or beef that are pretty healthy? How healthy is BBQ sauce? what about salad dressings that are low fat?


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Amy B.

Dressings are good, but they are notorious because people tend to use a lot of them and a lot isn’t the best.

Organic Ketchup
Mustard mixed with a little BBQ sauce.
Sour Cream
Sour Cream mixed with ranch dressing and seasonings
Yogurt dressing
Find the yogurt dressings in your supermarket, they tend to actually be near the salads with the refrigerated dressing.
Low fat dressings are good.
Sauteed Chicken is very good with peanut sauce. Peanuts are very good, they have fiber and omega-3 and have protein. Make your own with a recipe that calls for chicken stock.

Mary freeman

the key to eating healthy is: make you own! I never buy ready made sauces, too many preservatives going in it. BBQ sauce is you sautee some onions in butter but if you’re on a strict diet, just simmer up some ketchup, water, onion/garlic powder, salt, vinegar, hot sauce, brown sugar, worchester sauce, etc. Simmer about 15 mins and taste


Lemon & lime juice hi-light the natural flavors of most foods.
Most oil & vinegar based dressing are low fat.
BBQ sauce is mostly sugar, ketchup and spices.
If you have a taste for salt buy sea salt.

You could find healthy options buy lingering in the grocery store. Think of what flavors you like in foods and buy the spices that you palate tells you is in them.

Ethan Hunt

Look if you want to stay healthy then only green vegetable, curd , milk, cheese and less spicy food is going to be better. I see that you want this for six pack than start eating cereals more and more.

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