What’s a good, healthy spice that’s low in sodium?



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all spices are healthy and low in sodium
they are plants
like lettuce, and does lettuce contain high levels of sodium, noo


Most spices are low in sodium. If unsure, buy whole spice and grind them with a food grinder because some spices have “hidden salt”.


tony chacere louisiana seasoning is very good and im pretty sure comes ina low sodium form.


Salt-free spice mixes are made by Mrs. Dash [carried in most all supermarkets] and by Penzey’s Spices [on the internet, get a catalog] which are elegant, tasty and extremely interesting when used on just about any type of meat or mixture. Mrs. Dash makes a garlic-spice sprinkle that I use for absolutely everything. Check these out! If you’re asking about regular ‘healthy spice’ stuff, then rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, etc. are no sodium spices – with specific uses if you check out various recipes. Spice mixtures as mentioned here are designed for various food types and are sodium [i.e., salt] free.

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